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Aladdin Sex Comics

Genie turns Aladdin into a Prince with a majestic cock.
Having gained the genie’s favors after giving him his ass, horny Aladdin continues his mission. He wishes the Genie transform Aladdin into a Prince, so he may seek beautiful Jasmine. Meanwhile, Jasmine caresses her body and masturbates, remembering how Aladdin fucked her. Turned into a Prince, Aladdin seeks out Jasmine. The women faint at the site of his majestic cock! They all want to suck him now!

Aladin XXX Comics

Aladdin has his way with lovely Jasmine.
Aladdin helps a disguised sexy Princess Jasmine out of a jam and after they walk the streets and share a lovely conversation she falls to her knees before him and pulls his cock out of his pants. She longs to wrap her lips around it and suck him off and he longs for the same thing. Soon they’ll be fucking in the pages of the hot comic.

Sexy Jasmine comics

Princess Jasmine scares another suitor away.
The lovely sexy Princess Jasmine proves to be too much for her latest suitor. The comic shows him failing to get it up for such a beautiful woman, clearly indicating that he is not meant to marry her. We see him trying to slide himself inside her pussy and over and over his dick resists. She resolves to sneak into the town and find real love.

Aladin XXX Comics

Aladdin pleasures all the ladies.
Horny Aladdin is quite the man about town. He doesn’t work a day job; instead he goes around town fucking all the married women because their husbands can’t pleasure them. In exchange for the services of his cock the ladies give him money and food and he and his monkey enjoy their nights with full bellies.

Aladdin Porn Comics

Aladdin gets fucked by the genie.
Aladdin finds the lamp and he gives it a rub. The genie comes out but it’s not quite what the young man expected. Instead of granting a wish the genie whips out his big blue dick and fucks naked Aladdin up the ass. The young man takes it with a groan and after being faced fucked and swallowing cum he finds out that he is going to have his wishes granted in the hot comic.