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CatDog has a homosexual encounter with Sponge Bob and Patrick

CatDog are bored out of their minds today… they are having homosexual fantasies about Sponge Bob and Patrick, making them cum so hard! They head to the bottom of the sea, where Sponge Bob is ass fucking Patrick. Bob is more than happy to see more cocks to enjoy! It is a super toon gay orgy! They fuck, suck and masturbate, spunk and cum everywhere!

Sponge Bob, Patrick and CatDog get in sexy trouble

Hot CatDog were having the time of their lives having gay sex with Sponge Bob and Patrick, but now their friends have been captured by an evil Rabbit! What can they do to rescue them and continue to enjoy their delicious cocks? They distract him with a buxom blow up rabbit doll, which he begins to fuck like a rabbit! But the escape plan fails, and now the Evil Rabbit is ass raping Bob! Finally the villain is subdued and our friends say farewell to their deep sea lovers!

CatDog Cartoon Porn

CatDog Cartoon Porn
If you are a Cat conjoined to a Dog and you have two cocks, it’s okay to share them! Cat and Dog spend a lovely evening masturbating each other’s big fat cocks until they both cum very hard, splattering hot jizz all over themselves! If they could only find a way to fuck each other in the ass!

The sexual escapades of CatDog!

CatDog are a cat and a dog joined at the waist, but at least they each got a cock, but they spend most of the day masturbating, since no actual cat or dog would want to fuck them and they don’t have money to pay for sex. They are into S&M gay cartoon sex and the evil green rabbit is always sodomizing them! What a life!