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Aladdin has a naughty secret!

Naughty Aladdin! He has a secret fetish that Jasmine knows nothing about! When she is out, he sneaks into her pantry and tries on all her sexy lingerie! He looks so hot in it, his cock get rock hard right away! He can’t resist playing with himself and masturbating until he cums hard, spilling warm spunk all over the bed sheets and Jasmine’s lingerie! He’s going to have to wash those if she doesn’t want her to discover his secret!

Wild orgy in a cell: prisoners` revenge!

Nude Jessica wanted to keep this cell in control, but she obviously failed. A real uprising took place, and even with her whip and her skilful fingers she could not keep the heat down. Watch as Alladin’s ass gets wrecked and lots of female holes get filled with hot meat before the final fireplace scene.

Jasmine loves Aladdin's fellatio fixation!

Aladdin has a fixation with oral cartoon sex! He just loves it when Jasmine wraps her carmesi lips around his shaft and sucks him hard, licking his gland and balls and pleasuring him with her mouth and tongue! She really knows how to give a man head, making Aladdin cum hard every time she does it! Poor Jasmine always waits for him to return the favor with some cunnilingus, but all Aladdin cares about is satisfying himself!

Aladdin has the hots for Genie's cock!

Jasmine has left for the market and Aladdin rubs his magical lamp summoning Genie. He has a very odd wish for him today; he wants to suck his blue dick while Jasmine is away! Genie is a bit perplexed at first; he didn’t know his master loved cock! Soon he gets the hang of it as they get into many nasty positions and Genie fucks Aladdin’s ass really hard! They better be finished before Jasmine returns and discovers her lover’s secret fetish!

Aladdin masturbating for lovely Jasmine!

Did you know that before having sex, Jasmine enjoys watching Aladdin masturbate for her? This really turns her on! He plays with himself, massaging his hard cock and balls until he is hard as a rock! By the time he is ready to blow his load, Jasmine’s pussy is wet enough to ride him into a hardcore orgasm, filling her cunt with his cum.

Jasmine uses a sausage as a sex toy!

Aladdin and the Genie have gone away again in one of their sexual trips, leaving poor Jasmine all alone at Palace. She is so horny and there is no cock to fuck, so she decides to have some lunch and take her mind off sex. She finds only a meat sausage in the fridge, and she has a great idea! She uses the sausage as a big, thick dildo, fucking herself with it and cumming over and over!

Jasmine tempts Aladdin with nylon stockings!

Aladdin has bought Jasmine a new pair of nylon stockings and he’s anxious to see her wearing them! Her legs look so smooth and silky wrapped in nylon, it makes his cock get very big and hard! Aladdin makes Jasmine take off all her clothes except for the stockings and gives her the nastiest fuck ever! Hot Jasmine can’t believe how aroused those nylon fabrics make her lover, until he blows his load inside her!

Alladin uses some ass

When a hot girl like naked Jasmine is the prison guard, you can do whatever you want with the prisoners. Check out Alladin bribing the sexy guard and having his way with that tight male ass. But will these ropes last for long..?

Jasmine fucks Aladdin

Jasmine loves getting fucked by Aladdin, but tonight she wants to try something new! She knows well that Aladdin loves getting his ass fucked by the Genie, and she’s always wanted to know what it feels like to fuck a man, so she has purchased a strap-on dildo, and convinced Aladdin to let her use it on his cock! She bends him over and bangs his tight asshole! Aladdin loves it! Genie is going to get jealous!

Lusty Aladdin rapes Jasmine

Aladdin is one lustful lad who lets his dick control his brain sometimes. After Jasmine turned him down Aladdin decides to take what he wants and rapes naked Jasmine on the rooftops of Agrabah. While she may try her best to prevent him, Aladdin gets his way and ends up fucking her silly.

Aladdin pleasures his princess with his mouth and his fingers

Princess Jasmine is a beautiful young woman and Aladdin lives to please her. She loves nothing more than for him to eat her pussy and it pleasures him greatly to munch on her tasty Arabian box so they often end up like they are in this hot cartoon porn gallery. His lips are sealed to her pussy and she’s smiling in ecstasy and moaning quietly to urge him on.

Sultan and Aladdin Gay Sex

Ever wonder how come Jasmine’s dad, the Sultan, puts up with Aladdin and the Genie? Well, it turns out that Aladdin has quite an interesting relationship with his father in law! Yeah! He totally sucks his cock whenever he orders him to do it! The perverted Sultan loves to have men sucking on his cock, especially if they are married with his daughter! Look at them having hardcore gay toon sex together! The Sultan is really into it, and if you ask me, I don’t think Aladdin is complaining about it at all! He loves some cock in his asshole too!

Dominatrix Jasmine teaches Aladdin

Turning the tables round a bit, hot Jasmine chains up Aladdin in the palace Dungeon and shows him the meaning of submission. All dressed up in her bondage gear, she straps a cock cage on Aladdin and precedes to whip and fuck him in the arse. Once the tortures over she uses him for her own pleasure by making poor tied up Aladdin into a human fuck toy.

Aladdin and Alice

Being the pussy that he is, Aladdin is not going to fight a guy, so he takes it on Sexy Alice! Poor girl! Aladdin is bigger and stronger! But Alice is a brave girl and takes the challenge! Aladdin draws first blood, with a devastating punch! He kicks and punches Alice, pulling her hair like a girl! Alice is bleeding; she can’t even get a punch in! The crowd laughs so hard! Like… when… they… made… fun… of… her… in… kindergarten… Alice just snaps and she bites his cock off! Aladdin bleeds to death and Alice will keep his meat stick as a prize!

Aladdin, Genie and the Sultan Gay Sex

With no Princess around, the Genie suggests that Aladdin and the Sultan have fun together… the gay way! Aladdin strokes the Sultan’s tool while sucking Genie’s big fat blue cock, and they engage in several hot homo fucking positions! Aladdin loves bending over to receive Genie’s cumshot in his ass! I hope the Princess doesn’t stop in by surprise… unless she wants to join the gay cartoon orgy!

XXX Aladdin Cartoon Pics

Aladdin fucks Jasmine’s ass and pussy on the magic carpet.
Turned into a handsome prince with a majestic cock, Aladdin has finally found naked Jasmine and is ready to pop her cherry! They ride the magic carpet, and soon the Prince is riding her magic carpet too! She loves getting fucked in all her holes by the Prince while flying in the skies on this magic ride! Aladdin has managed to turn Jasmine into the lowliest, sleaziest of prostitutes! But Jafar’s guards may have other plans!

Hot Cartoon Porn Series

Poor Sadira! She has to blow cocks at the docks to get some money for food! Sometimes the only food she gets is cum! Meanwhile Aladdin and the Genie are having steamy cartoon gay sex. Aladdin loves getting his asshole rampaged by the blue cock! Poor Sadira, she got fucked so hard she can hardly walk away, dripping dirty cum from her ass and pussy. Jasmine is having much more fun than her; she gets to suck on her dad’s cock. Sadira stumbles upon Aladdin and his hard on and sucks his cock while Genie rapes her ass with his big blue cock.

Aladdin Porn Pics

Jafar ass fucks lovely Jasmine against her will.
As Genie fucks some sexy girls inside the lamp, Aladdin has been cast to the bottom of the sea! Yet he manages to conjure the Genie, who comes to his rescue. In the meantime, hideous Jafar is forcing sexy Jasmine to suck on his horrendously twisted and stinky cock. He fucks her asshole and pussy while he firmly massages her full breasts. Jasmine’s cantaloupes are so nice. Jasmine cries as she gets raped, but Aladdin and Genie come to the rescue, trapping evil Jafar inside the lamp!

Aladdin Sex Comics

Genie turns Aladdin into a Prince with a majestic cock.
Having gained the genie’s favors after giving him his ass, horny Aladdin continues his mission. He wishes the Genie transform Aladdin into a Prince, so he may seek beautiful Jasmine. Meanwhile, Jasmine caresses her body and masturbates, remembering how Aladdin fucked her. Turned into a Prince, Aladdin seeks out Jasmine. The women faint at the site of his majestic cock! They all want to suck him now!

Aladdin Porn Comics

Aladdin gets fucked by the genie.
Aladdin finds the lamp and he gives it a rub. The genie comes out but it’s not quite what the young man expected. Instead of granting a wish the genie whips out his big blue dick and fucks naked Aladdin up the ass. The young man takes it with a groan and after being faced fucked and swallowing cum he finds out that he is going to have his wishes granted in the hot comic.