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Fred Flintstone ass fucks Mr. Slate

Horny Fred Flinstone has found a new machine at the Quarry. Dumb, Fred! You broke the machine! Now Mr. Slate is going to fire you… unless you suck his cock! Boy, does he have a large cock! Now he’s fucking Fred’s ass! Wilma wouldn’t like that! Fred retaliates with some ass fucking of his own, and the boss loves it! No wonder the cavemen got extinct! They were all homos!

The Flintstones porn

The Flintstones want to fuck poor Dino, while the Thornberry’s are filming it! Will they catch this act of depravity on tape? Debbie gets hot; she wants Barney to fuck her too! She has amazing big bubble boobs with hard erect nipples! Barney slides his caveman pole deep into her tight asshole while naked Mr. Thornberry films it all! Wilma and Betty will get some anal action of their own too!

Wilma becomes the center of the Flintstones orgy

The Flintstones are having an orgy at the cave tonight! Dino is hungry for some pussy and stabs Wilma while she’s cooking! Fred walks in with an erection, while Dino continues to pump Wilma’s cherry! She takes on both cocks at the same time, sucking and getting fucked makes her very hot! After so much fucking, naked Wilma is exhausted, but the guys are still horny and now Barney wants some pussy too! They all finally cum blowing their loads all over Wilma’s naked body!