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Agent Fuckspeed travels East to learn ancient sex techniques!
Agent Fuckspeed has been sent to the East so he can improve his already awesome fucking abilities! He’s going to get a chance to bang the hottest asian toon girls and fill them up with his cum! Agent Fuckspeed is very excited; he has a fetish for asian cuties! You have to read this adventure and learn the incredible technique Agent Fuckspeed learns!

Agent Fuckspeed XXX Comix

Agent Fuckspeed fucks a hot blonde on his first mission. It’s intern’s Fuckspeed first assignment on the line of duty! Can he save the beautiful blonde from jumping to an uncertain death? If he can prove to her that sex is really cool, he will save the girl and save the day! Tempted, she lets him fondle her beautiful toon boobs and pussy, while she plays with his already rigid cock! Soon he’s pumping her pussy on the rooftop, with the crowd below watching them! The crowd cheers as he blows his load inside her and she decides she can’t jump after such a good fuck! A promotion is on the way!

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Agent Fuckspeed fucks a whole tribe of lusty Indian girls.
Agent Fuckspeed is getting his cock sucked by Agent Suckky, in anticipation of his next dangerously sexual assignment! He must save an Indian tribe by fucking all their women! It’s a dream job for our hero! His big cock will be enough to pleasure all of them! The fucking begins as soon as he arrives to the tribe, and the Indian girls are so hot! Tight pussies and huge cartoon boobs, with angelical faces! But they are very naughty, sexy, lusty Indian girls! It’s a huge line of Indian girls waiting to be fucked by our hero’s cock and he fucks them all!

Agent Fuckspeed Porn Comics

Agent Fuckspeed rapes a virgin to catch the villain.
Last time we saw our hero, he was hot on Megamorpher’s trail! Will he finally catch the villain? Fuckspeed sets a trap for the villain, sit down, rubs his cock, and waits. A stunning virgin falls into the trap, she wants our hero to rape her and make her scream! That’s so kinky, even Agent Fuckspeed is hesitant, but he obliges the beautiful girl. He forces her to suck his endowed shaft and rapes her pussy and asshole. It’s a very arousing feeling for our hero! He rapes her so hard, she reveals her real self: Megamorpher! The day is saved!

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Agent Dick fucked Megamorpher and lives to tell the tale.
Agent Fuckspeed continues to hunt for the dangerous Megamorpher! Agent Dick is hospitalized, victim of this villain and tells them the story of this hot toon babe he met and fucked in his apartment! He fucked her dripping pussy so good, she was a virgin and that made him so aroused! He couldn’t believe her pussy had never been fucked by cock until now! How could that be? It’s Megamorpher! Now Fuckspeed knows the villain might be any pussy he can fuck! He will have to do a lot of fucking to figure out this mystery!

Agend Fuckspeed Sex Comics

Agent Fuckspeed fucks many women to save the world.
Agent Fuckspeed is on a mission to stop the Masturbation Epidemic, so men can return to fucking their toon women instead of jerking off alone! He will fuck all the women he has to in order to save the world! Only a hero like him can keep his cock hard and erect after so much pussy and ass fucking! With all the fucking, he may have discovered valuable clues to solve this Epidemic mystery!

Agent Fuckspeed Porn Comics

Agent Fuckspeed fucks sexy Minipussy in all her holes
It’s time for another sexual cartoon adventure with Agent Fuckspeed! Who is he going to fuck today? The Masturbation Epidemic is spreading! The Chief’s office is covered in his own spunk! Before saving the world, Fuckspeed will fuck the chief’s beautiful black secretary Minipussy. Her pussy is so fucking wet and drippy! He fucks her pussy, her ass, her mouth and her incredible tits! That’s why he is the number one agent in the force!

Porn Comics with Agent Fuckspeed

Has Agent Fuckspeed met his female match?
Has Agent Fuckspeed met his match with this fine sexy toon female agent who outlasts all the other agents? They can’t hold up with her and cum way before her! Nobody can make her cum! She’s making all the male agents ashamed! Can Fuckspeed save the day? He uses his incredible cock to tease her pussy so good that she can’t avoid cumming in unison with our Hero! The pride of the male agents has been saved once again by our Agent!

Agent Fuckspeed XXX Comics

Agent Fuckspeed continues fucking and pleasing women.
Agent Fuckspeed is so close to solving the mystery behind the Masturbation Epidemic! There are many pussies and asses to be fucked in this episode, and Agent Fuckspeed will pleasure them all with his huge cock and never ending load of cum! After fucking so many cartoon girls in so many different positions, Agent Fuckspeed may be about to solve the mystery once and for all!

Agent Fuckspeed Porn Comics

Hot Agent Fuckspeed must solve the mystery behind the Masturbation Epidemic.
A terrible emergency makes Agent Fuckspeed give up on his long planned vacations! The men have fallen victim to a masturbation epidemic and won’t touch the women, who are super horny! Can our hero save the day? Agent Fuckspeed will use his cock to please all the horny women, starting wit the sexy police officers! The love his enormous cock and the way he fucks them like dirty sluts! The city will be saved one more time! I wonder if Agent Fuckspeed will have enough cum for so many aroused ladies?

Agent Fuckspeed XXX Comics

Agent Fuckspeed is on the town again.
There’s something fishy going on with the water filters in the town and horny Agent Fuckspeed has to find out what it is. Of course, along the way he stops to have his dick sucked by a myriad of beautiful women. They all seem drawn to him and they all want to taste his hot spunk down their throats.

XXX Fuckspeed comics

Agent Fuckspeed drops in on naked Alice.
It’s Christmas and Agent Fuckspeed has been assigned to check in on a beautiful girl named Alice. You might recognize her from Wonderland. The pages of the comic show him getting dressed up in a Santa suit and showing her just how pleasurable Christmas can be. Santa has a very good year.

Agent Fuckspeed comic

Agent Fuckspeed is on the beach getting his cock sucked when he starts dreaming about the first time he had a beautiful girl work on his dick. It was at the gym and she came into the locker room wearing a sexy bathing suit. His dick got hard immediately and she took pity on the young virgin and decided to give him the time of his life. Enjoy the hardcore action in the pages of the adult comics.

Agent Fuckspeed XXX

Agent Fuckspeed rescues Belle.
Fuckspeed is banging a hottie in the car when he gets a call that there’s a job for him. He goes to meet the beast, who tells him that his wife Belle has gone made with sexual desire and she desperately needs help. Fuckspeed has an antidote for her but before he administers it he wants to fuck her hot toon pussy and make her swallow his cum.

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Agent Fuckspeed gets a call that a hot slut has been marrying men and fucking them to death. He goes undercover and gets her to marry him. When they retire to the marriage bedroom her plan is to fuck him to death but she doesn’t realize that he’s the most powerful fucker in the world! As the comic shows she never stood a chance.

Fuckspeed xxx comics

Fuckspeed rescues a school.
Agent Fuckspeed gets a call that there’s a monster in the toilet at the school and he runs over immediately to rescue the lovely girls. The comic shows him shooting the little green beast and then reaping the rewards that come from such acts of heroism. The young women are eager to suck his dick and let him fuck their tight pussies in thanks.