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Bender's robo-cock pleases the girls

Leela’s sex toy broke down and she can’t get it fixed, but Amy has a better idea. Why use a sex toy when you have Bender around? They adapt a robot-cock to him, and he is ready to please the two horny babes! The cold metallic member is drenched in oil and the girl’s pussy juice, and Bender has never experienced something like this before! Leela’s asshole is so tight; she ends up breaking Bender’s cock!

Leela fucked by Fry

Leela has purchased a brand new vibrator, and is anxious to try it on her soaking wet pussy! Fry walks in on an aroused Leela, deciding his one eyed purple monster is what this one eyed alien babe needs to get her sexual urges satisfied! Leela is amazed with his cock! “It has one eye, just like me! So lovely!” Yes, she sucks his meat pole so nice and good! Fry fucks her harder and harder and Leela wants more… how many times can aliens cum? Even Bender is invited to fuck Leela’s asshole with his robot cock!