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Mulan as a lovely sexual slave in torment!

Chien-Po is horny, but he has lovely Mulan as his sex slave to quench his desire! She sucks hard on his cock and that of his trusted guard, devouring their milky cum and licking their sweaty balls. Cheun-Po lubes up her ass with his tongue before drilling her anally while she keeps sucking the guard off! By the end of the story, hot Mulan is taking hard cock up her pussy and ass at the same time!

Mulan and Alice Sex

For whatever there differences were, it had to come down to a naked fist fight. The cute blonde (sexy Alice) against the serious black head (Mulan) put fists and mouths together and fight out their problems.

Mulan gets fucked

Spread out on the floor, Mulan gets dirty with Shan Yu, sucking and fucking that bad guy till he cums straight into her mouth. In all sorts of positions on the floor, hot Mulan is loving Shan Yu fucking her straight up her sopping wet pussy.

Mulan turned into sex slave for the Emperor

Held captive, Mulan must pleasure the Emperor’s men! They savagely rape her against her will! They squeeze her big round boobs and bite her nipples until they are swollen! She is forced to soak their cock until her throat is sore. Her toon pussy and asshole are so stretched out from so many hours of fucking, they simply won’t close anymore!

Mulan forced to suck

This is so fucking hot! Hot Mulan has been captured by the Emperor’s Guard and now she is forced to orally pleasure them all! This is such a humiliation for a warrior! Her tongue is numb from so much licking, and her nipples stand erect on her round boobs. It’s so embarrassing that she’s aroused with this! Her pussy is dripping all over their feet! They make her suck, gag, swallow and use her tits to masturbate them! The lowliest prostitute doesn’t receive such a treatment! She takes hundreds of cumshots, and is left exhausted and soaked in their filthy cum!

Snow White gets her ass handed

Mulan and Cinderella are getting it on! I wonder who’s gonna win this catfight? Mulan knee to Cinderella’s pussy! Cinderella spinning kick to Mulan’s tits! These sluts are beating the shutout of each other! In the public, Snow White mocks both girls: “Tramps! A lady does not do such things…” She should have kept her mouth shut! Now Mulan and Cinderella are going to beat her silly ass! They kick the shit out of her, leaving her naked and bleeding on the floor. Pussy dwarves, where are they when you need them?

Mulan ends up regretting bathing naked

After a hot day, Mulan just wants to cool off in the nearest river so decides to strip down and jump in. With a view to wash herself clean and rinse her hair through, she gets to work and cleanses her sexy toon body, making sure to take special care of her pussy which just so happens to be soaking wet. Yet after rinsing her hair, she’s confronted by some colonials who advance on her with hard pricks ready to fuck her twat.

Mulan ass raped

Poor Mulan! Every time we see her, she’s getting raped by another bad guy! This time it is Mongol Khan Shan-Yu! The big guy rips her clothes and man handles her at will. Mulan is too small to do anything about it! He fingers her pussy and chokes her! Sexy Mulan is getting wet and aroused with this torment and humiliation! He ties her up, splits her legs apart and tears up her asshole with his huge cock! She will never walk the same again after this! At the end, she is forced to swallow all his creamy spunk!