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The Totally Spies girls give David a strip tease show! Part I.

The Totally Spy girls are always so busy saving the world; they never have any time left for their private sex life! David comes for a visit at the right time! All the toon girls wanna have sex with him, and they perform a sexy strip tease for him to choose his favorite. The girls get too hot, however, and David ends up blowing his load before even touching them!

The Shaman shows Chel ancient sex secrets

Chel has been named the new high priest, and she plans on using her new power to gain some measure of revenge on the Shaman! She wants him to sink his tongue deep inside her olive skinned pussy and make her cum many times. She knows the Shaman masters ancient sexual secrets that nobody else knows of! He licks her anime pussy and asshole, making her experience visions of wild lust and sex! He fucks her pussy and asshole until he cums all over her face!

Bender's robo-cock pleases the girls

Leela’s sex toy broke down and she can’t get it fixed, but Amy has a better idea. Why use a sex toy when you have Bender around? They adapt a robot-cock to him, and he is ready to please the two horny babes! The cold metallic member is drenched in oil and the girl’s pussy juice, and Bender has never experienced something like this before! Leela’s asshole is so tight; she ends up breaking Bender’s cock!

Layla Winx filled thoroughly

Take a peek into the private moments shared by hot Layla and Sky, her boyfriend. The two feel like enjoying a thorough fuck session with everything from nipple pinching to bareback fucking from behind included. Hot stuff!

Belle gets naughty with Gaston's pole!

Belle is such a naughty tooon girl! You’d think she’d have more than enough cock with Beast, but it’s not so! She just waits for him to leave their bed and head to the kitchen for a late night snack to call Gaston over and suck his hard cock so she can have a snack of her own! He spreads her legs wide open and crams his meaty sausage up her juicy clam and tight butt, slamming her nice and hard just in time to leave before Beast comes back from his visit to the Castle’s kitchen!

Winx Bloom and sex education

Watch as the teacher provides a good bit of carnal enlightenment using hot Winx Bloom and her super horny dripping pussy as an example. The poor girl got her juices flowing in a real flood. She can’t wait till the teacher takes this hard fuck stick and satisfies her drenched crotch. See whether the girl will get it!

Queen and Hunter place Snow White in bondage!

Check out this hot new twist for the story of Snow White! The horny Queen sends the Hunter out to bring cute Snow White to her, and forces her into bondage, a ball gag on her mouth and sexy red lingerie. While the Hunter watches, the Queen tortures and humiliates the tied up Snow White, making her wet pussy drip juices all over the dungeon floor! The Hunter fucks her very hard in all her tiny and tight holes while the Queen watches and enjoys the breaking of Snow White!

Wonder Girl banged by Raven and Robin!

Wonder Girl is peeking from behind the bushes, watching Robin ban Raven hard! It makes her so hot she can’t help herself and begins to masturbate so loud that the Titan’s discover her! Robin lets Wonder Girl join the fun and suck his wet cock. Hot Raven uses her powers to turn her clit into a cock and they both gangbang Wonder Girl, making her cum over and over!

Winx Witch masturbates in bed while fantasizing

Winx Witch Darcy is left all alone and her last battle with the Winx girls has left her feeling dirty and full of lesbian fantasies! With just her nylon stockings, she curls up and rolls around in bed, spreading her legs wide open and drilling her wet pussy with her fingers, masturbating as she imagines the girls raping her! These forbidden sexual fantasies make her cum very hard and wet her bed with her pussy juices!

Jasmine invites Ariel over for hot lesbian action

Jasmine has invited beautiful Ariel over for some tea, but the sexy mermaid girl soon discovers Jasmine has special plans for dessert… she takes her back to her chambers and slowly undresses her, inviting her to an afternoon of hot lesbian action. Ariel has heard a lot about Jasmine’s incredible oral sex abilities, and wishes to feel her soft tongue exploring every nook and cranny of her dripping wet pussy. They rip off their pantyhose and play around until interrupted by Jasmine’s dad! Naughty girls, you got caught!

Elastigirl pleasures herself while shaving her pussy!

Hey, super powered girls have to shave too! Mr. Incredible loves shaved pussy, so Elastigirl has to get rid of those naughty pubes. She rubs foam all over her cunt and starts to shave, but the sensation of the blade sliding down her smooth skin makes her very hot, wet and horny! She ends up masturbating with her razor and by the time Mr. Incredible gets home, her pussy is all smooth and Elastigirl ready to fuck all nite long!

Chel gets fucked by real men!

Chel gets tired of cartoon dick and crosses over to the real world to have fun with tow hung studs! She can’t believe how big and hard these guy’s dicks are as she stroked them and takes them to her wet mouth. The guys have never fucked a toon babe before, and they love every minute of this new experience! Chel looks so hot getting banged by two men at the same time, wouldn’t you love to be one of them?

The horny King impales Aurora with his royal cock

The King is so horny tonight! He’s been jerking off watching Aurora undress from the window and he still has a hard-on! Good for him, Aurora is a sleazy toon slut and has no problem letting the King fuck her any way he wants to! She strokes and sucks his royal cock, making sure it fits snugly inside her pussy. It’s going to be a long night of hardcore fucking at the palace!

Bi-sex trio with Belle, Beast and Gaston!

Beast, in his human form, and Gaston put on Belle’s lingerie and start having hot gay sex together until they are interrupted by the sexy Belle, wearing white lingerie and holding a whip! She’s been spying on the guys and she’s very aroused from watching their homo frolicking! She strokes their cocks and observes them as they have a bisexual threesome with her, satisfying all her dominatrix fantasies!