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Spidey fills MJ's mouth with cum. Part II.

No wonder Spider Man is always running to save hot Mary Jane every time she gets in trouble! He gets to fuck her afterwards as a token of her gratitude! She loves to feel his huge spider cock drilling into her wet cunt on some rooftop, with the pigeons and nosey neighbors looking on! Mary Jane should become a porn star; she fucks so hot, Spidey can’t get enough of that juicy pussy of hers! MJ ends up with a mouthful of spider cum… yummy!

Spidey banging Gwen's wet pussy

Who is Gwen running from? Dr. Octopussy? Dr. Doomcock? No, she’s running from a very horny Spider Man! Looks like somebody is horny! Spidey grabs her tits and massages them! He fingers her wet pussy while she has to suck his spider cock! He must have not had sex for days, look at how he bangs her pussy! He’s going to kill her! He’s fucking her in positions only a spider can!

Spiderman fucks Gwen

Spiderman shows up in a dark alley to save a damsel in distress, but discovers it is Gwen, who is aroused and wishes to feel his spider cock inside her wet pussy! He plays with her bubble boobs as she grabs his enormous cock which has the proportional strength of a spider and sucks on it very hard! Horny Spiderman gets so hard, he spider fucks her in all kind of positions only a super hero such as he can do! By the end he blows a thick load of spider spunk into her mouth!