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Meg enjoys monster sex with the Centaur!

Meg, watch out! Hercules is not around and the Centaur knows it! The evil critter is drooling and foaming at the mouth, his huge cock growing bigger and bigger as he rips apart her clothes and exposes her naked body! Meg can’t fight the huge tongue licking her pussy, getting her so wet and horny, she decides to play along! By the time Hercules arrives to save her, she has already finished having great sex with the creature! Check also 3d monster sex.

Hercules and his sex adventures with Meg. Part I.

Hercules saves Meg from the sexual assault of the evil centaur, not knowing that beautiful Meg was looking forward to getting her wet anime pussy fucked hard by the mythological beast. Now that Hercules managed to spoil her sexy fun, he must take the Centaur’s place and satisfy Meg with his massive cock. You think he’ll be able to get the job done?

Phil fucks a beauty

Horny Hercules and Phil were flying around on Pegasus, looking for some pussy, when they spotted a damsel in distress! Hercules loves being a hero, but Phil prefers to be the lover! That’s why he always gets more pussy! While Hercules confronts the monster, Phil confronts the damsel’s big round tits, placing his cock between them for a titjob! Soon she’s gulping down his entire meat sausage. While Hercules fights, Phil fucks! Meg gives Phil such a hot blowjob, swallowing his entire member and milking it dry! The fight better last, so he can fuck her tight asshole too!

Meg loves sucking

Hades is definitely a bad guy, but Meg has compassion for him, mostly because she likes his big, dark, cock! She goes visit him in his icy palace some times, just to blow his cock and fuck with him, while horny Hercules is away on some mission! Hades loves shooting his load all over her! His cum is very cold, unlike normal cum which is warm, and this turns Meg on very much! It’s like fucking and sucking an ice cream!

Meg is a dirty slut stripper who loves masturbating

Hercules believes Meg is a maiden, but she is really a dirty slut! She loves to strip naked and show her amazing body to all the peasants so they can jerk off and shoot their loads of cum on top of her! She plays with her huge round boobs and spreads her legs wide open to expose her tight toon pussy. By the end she is so turned on that she ends up masturbating, awaiting the arrival of some cock that will fill her holes.

Hercules XXX Toons

Look at Hades’ big cock! He wants to fuck Meg really hard! Will Hercules let him do it? She sucks his cock, her big round boobs bouncing up and down. Hercules loves what he is seeing! What better way to punish Hades than to let him feel only once what Meg’s pussy is like? Hades fucks a bent over Meg while horny Hercules makes her suck his cock. It is such a big meat rod! They take turns blowing their loads all over her naked body! Meg has never felt so much cum on her before!

Meg sucks and gets fucked by Hercules

Meg has been waiting for Hercules’ hard virile member for so long! Finally it is inside her tight pussy! She wants all his hot spunk all over her tight sweaty body! Being Hercules, he can cum over and over and never get tired! He keeps cumming all over her drawn full breasts! She sucks his member in several positions and swallows all his spunk before she gets pussy fucked by the God! He fucks her very hard and cums all over her face and pussy!

Satyr Phil uses Hercules' cock

Every time Hercules takes a nap, he wakes up with his cock drenched in cum! Satyr Phil explains to him that this is very common, as boys have sexual dreams, wet dreams, which make them ejaculate in their sleep. But this is not entirely the truth, as Satyr Phil plays with Hercules’ cock when he sleeps, sucking on it and inserting it into his asshole, making the boy cum! Nude Hercules is not having wet dreams, silly boy, he’s just very gay!

Meg gets her pussy gangbanged

Meg shows up at the real world and is greeted by a group of black man with huge hard cocks just waiting to rip her apart by all her fuck holes! Now this slut is going to know how it feels like to have 14 inches of black cock in her ass, cartoon pussy and mouth at the same time! This is no fairy tale! Welcome to the real world, bitch!

Hercules and Phil join Meg's lesbian party

Hades can’t get a hard on, so Meg looks for some pussy to satisfy her lust! Hercules and Phil spot the lesbian toon girls having a ball and decide to join in! It’s so fun to gangbang lesbian chicks! Meg is suck a good carpet muncher, the other girl has her pussy so wet it is dripping all over the grass! Hercules would love to kiss Meg, but she wants to wrap her lips around his massive erection. Fuck the kisses, she wants spurting hot cum on her face! Hercules better stop being a sissy boy or he’ll get dumped for Pan and the lesbian chick!

Meg sucks and fucks

Pain and Panic find Meg alone in the dark forest. She is lost, but they know the way out! They will help her, if she can help them with their erections. Meg thinks their small hard ons look simply adorable and decides to have some fun with them! She undresses, revealing her sexy cartoon body and let the little demons fuck the hell out of her! Fuck! They are better in bed than Hercules!