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Sponge Bob and friends visit a Sex Shop

Sponge Bob and friends decide to visit a Sex Shop! Once inside, they start trying on all the fetish clothes, and fooling around with the sex toys! Thins begin to heat up, and soon all our friends are in hot fucking action! Sponge Bob and Patrick have huge erections, and they want to fuck every wet pussy in sight! This Sex Shop is going to turn into a porn show! The girls end up drenched in cum, their assholes and cartoon pussy fucked and swollen!

Sandy gets fucked by Sponge Bob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs

Sponge Bob, Patrick and Sandy are going to have a picnic, until Sandy decides to sunbathe topless, causing a huge erection on both naked Sponge Bob and Patrick! Soon she’s playing, sucking and getting fucked by both huge members. She takes turn fucking our friends until they both blow their loads on her! So much cum! Patrick and Sponge Bob fall asleep, allowing Mr. Krabs to kidnap Sandy, tie her up and rape her! Instead of rescuing her, Patrick and Bob join in on the fun and it turns into a 3 on 1!

Sponge Bob discovers he has a real cock

Patrick discovers Bob has a real dick! He is so excited! In the meantime, the Princess has to suck the King’s cock! Nude Sponge Bob will save the day with his enormous dick! The Princess wants to fuck both of them! Patrick’s cock is almost as big as Bob’s! She loves getting her face drenched in cum! She will suck their cock until they have no more hot spunk to shoot over her face!

CatDog has a homosexual encounter with Sponge Bob and Patrick

CatDog are bored out of their minds today… they are having homosexual fantasies about Sponge Bob and Patrick, making them cum so hard! They head to the bottom of the sea, where Sponge Bob is ass fucking Patrick. Bob is more than happy to see more cocks to enjoy! It is a super toon gay orgy! They fuck, suck and masturbate, spunk and cum everywhere!

Sponge Bob, Patrick and CatDog get in sexy trouble

Hot CatDog were having the time of their lives having gay sex with Sponge Bob and Patrick, but now their friends have been captured by an evil Rabbit! What can they do to rescue them and continue to enjoy their delicious cocks? They distract him with a buxom blow up rabbit doll, which he begins to fuck like a rabbit! But the escape plan fails, and now the Evil Rabbit is ass raping Bob! Finally the villain is subdued and our friends say farewell to their deep sea lovers!

Sponge Bob and friends fuck

Horny Sponge Bob and his friends go to the gym every day for their work out, and today they feel they also need to work out their cock and balls muscles, so they grab Sandy and decide to gangbang her. They tell her it will be a great stretching exercise for her vagina and asshole, having to stretch for so many large cocks inside of her! She is outnumbered and can only accept, while she gets soaked in their sweat and stinky cum! She’s going to have to hit the showers after this workout!