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Ariel and Ursula give Eric an underwater blowjob

Sexy Ariel is good, Ursula is evil, and Eric is one horny guy when he proposes a hot threesome with both babes! The girls take turns sucking his cock underwater, it’s such a kinky experience! Eric has a hard time telling which girl is the best at sucking cock, but it doesn’t matter, they both manage to make him, cum the hardest ever, getting sprayed with his sticky cum and drinking it all down and cleaning his dick with their silky tongues.

Ariel Mermaid gets a sailor bukkake

Ariel was so bored that she got very excited when she spotted a ship full of horny sailors. These guys had been at sea for many weeks with no women on board, can you imagine how horny there were? Ariel climbs on board and is surrounded by the naughty sailors and their big, hard cocks. So many to choose from! She delights herself sucking all that cock and getting her face drenched in sticky cumshots, it’s a hardcore bukkake and Ariel loves it!

Beautiful Ariel sucking hard dick!

There is nothing horny Ariel Mermaid enjoys more than the sea! Well, mmmm, that’s not entirely right… she also loves sucking on a hard cock! Look at the way she tenderly licks and sucks this dick, getting it all hard as she massages the sweaty testicles with her soft hands, stroking it hard until it blows a nice load of cum on her mouth!

Ariel Mermaid saddled like a horse!

The Prince is tired of the same old boring sex with Ariel, now he wants some sado maso action! First he whips her until bloody welts appear on her sexy body and he takes her from behind very roughly! Tears roll from her eyes, but she loves every minute of this humiliation! He saddles her up like a horse and keeps fucking her!

Ursula and Ariel getting busy under the sea

Ursula is a naughty underwater lesbian and she has the hots for Ariel, which is easy to understand. The two of them are involved in a hot toon lesbian tryst in this gallery and the action is intense. They kiss, they fondle and they eat pussy for your pleasure. Ariel just loves those tentacles, even if it looks like she’s fighting the pleasure a little.

Jasmine invites Ariel over for hot lesbian action

Jasmine has invited beautiful Ariel over for some tea, but the sexy mermaid girl soon discovers Jasmine has special plans for dessert… she takes her back to her chambers and slowly undresses her, inviting her to an afternoon of hot lesbian action. Ariel has heard a lot about Jasmine’s incredible oral sex abilities, and wishes to feel her soft tongue exploring every nook and cranny of her dripping wet pussy. They rip off their pantyhose and play around until interrupted by Jasmine’s dad! Naughty girls, you got caught!

Ariel and Jasmine fight naked

In this epic battle between sexy Ariel and Jasmine, the gloves (and clothes) come off. It’s a no hold bars fight between the two where dirty fighting is cheered on by the crowd. Whether it’s an elbow up jasmines pussy, or a bite to the nipple, the crowd love it so bets are you will to.

Ariel Sex

After wanting a land walker’s body for so long, horny Ariel can not wait to test out some of the advantages it has over having a fin for your lower half. Having never experienced a good pussy licking, Prince Eric gets down to work and lubes that girl up nice to a sticky mess so that when his turn comes around he can plough his huge erect dick straight up her love channel.

Ariel masturbating

Ariel’s journeys to the bottom of the sea always get her so turned on! At some point she just has to stop in some cozy undersea cave and masturbate herself! She loves to finger her toon pussy while she plays with her nice titties and sticks a finger into her asshole! The salty water of the sea probably makes the whole experience more intense! She just better watch out for any horny sea monsters that might want a bite out of that fishy pussy of hers!

Ariel spies on a hot sailor gay orgy!

Sure, the sailors sometimes get lucky and trap nude Ariel in their nets, having an awesome time raping her, but what happens when there is no pussy to bang? Well, they have homo sailor orgies! They do not know that Ariel is spying on them! All the gay fucking is getting her turned on! Maybe she’s actually thinking about adding some pussy to so much cock?

Ariel and Prince fucking

Nude Ariel and the Prince love spending time on the beach! It is well known that Ariel is a much better fuck in her own element, so the Prince takes her there as much as he can. She plays with his hard cock, massaging it with her boobs, sucking on it and placing it inside her tight pussy. She loves how his penis splashes against the water as he’s banging her ass! His cum tastes extra salty mixed with the sea water. All the creatures of the sea make sure to bring their video cams so they can film them!

Nkaed Snow White and Ariel

More catfights! This time it’s Snow White versus Ariel! Redhead from the sea versus brunette from the forest! Who’s the toughest bitch in the village? The girls get naked and start throwing punches, wild kicks, grapples and submission moves that would make many a wrestler jealous! They roll in the floor, screaming, biting and pulling their hair! So fucking kinky! Whoa! Snow White’s been training hard! She delivers a KO blow, leaving naked Ariel pummeled and defeated on the ground.

Ariel captured and raped

Ariel has fallen into the nets of evil sailormen! Now she is their prisoner and they are going to rape her! Hot Ariel desperately fights, but they are too many! The pull her to the floor and stuff her mouth with their cocks, so she can’t scream while she feels their huge cocks thrusting into her pussy and drilling her tight asshole! They are fucking her through all her holes at the same time, while she wiggles like a fish out of water! They drench her in their cum and finally throw her away with the rest of their catch!

Ariel forced by the Triton King

It’s a hot orgy at the bottom of the sea! The horrible hag, the Sea Witch and lovely Ariel share the King’s huge cock, and Ariel’s rides his shaft while the ugly Sea Witch plays with her boobs! She has to allow this horrible old woman to touch her lovely body! The hag sucks Ariel’s pussy while she’s getting fucked by the King; he’s always wanted to stick his dick into Ariel’s tiny pussy! He makes them both suck his member hard and finally fucks Ariel with some help from the nasty Witch!

Ariel and Eric fucking

Cute Ariel is so fucking hot! Sure, her lower half is all fish, but she can change into human form, and she has a sweet, wet, tight pussy! Too bad Eric is the only one allowed to stick his hard erection inside of it and fuck her good! She likes to get banged by his meat staff and drenched in his salty cum! They are always playing kinky games and fucking in the deck, with all the poor horny sailors forced to watch them and masturbate.

Sex Comics about Ariel

King Triton is feeling sad, so cute Ariel decides to cheer her daddy, giving him something that always puts a smile on his face: her pink pussy! But the King has fucked her so many different ways already, that he has run out of new kinky ideas. Ariel must think fast of a new way to fuck Daddy! Ariel goes to the surface and returns with… RIBBED CONDOMS! This is such a new sensation for the King’s cock; he fucks Ariel like he never fucked her before, cumming many times inside his daughter’s pussy!

Nude Ariel

At first it seems like Ariel is resistant to the advances of the well hung Triton. After he licks her sexy boobs and gets her wet pussy dripping she welcomes him inside her. They also do a sixty nine and her pussylips looks so beautiful as he runs his tongue over it. They’re both so lucky and we get to watch, so we’re lucky too.

Innocent and sexy Ariel has fallen into the clutches of the evil Ursula but it’s not as bad as you think. Ursula has plans for Ariel, but those plans are purely sexual. Her tentacles run over the hot young mermaid’s body and find their way over her breasts and into her tight pussy.

sexy ariel
Hot Ariel has her legs and although she’s married to the prince and happy she still likes to hook up with a chick every now and then. Sexy Belle is the perfect babe for that and so the two are making hot lesbian love in this hot gallery. There’s pussy fingering, pussy eating and tit licking to enjoy.