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Aladdin has the hots for Genie's cock!

Jasmine has left for the market and Aladdin rubs his magical lamp summoning Genie. He has a very odd wish for him today; he wants to suck his blue dick while Jasmine is away! Genie is a bit perplexed at first; he didn’t know his master loved cock! Soon he gets the hang of it as they get into many nasty positions and Genie fucks Aladdin’s ass really hard! They better be finished before Jasmine returns and discovers her lover’s secret fetish!

Aladdin masturbating for lovely Jasmine!

Did you know that before having sex, Jasmine enjoys watching Aladdin masturbate for her? This really turns her on! He plays with himself, massaging his hard cock and balls until he is hard as a rock! By the time he is ready to blow his load, Jasmine’s pussy is wet enough to ride him into a hardcore orgasm, filling her cunt with his cum.

Frollo's wicked sex games with Esmeralda

The hunchback won’t save Esmeralda tonight from Frollo’s dark perversions! He has her tied up in chains and naked, ready to subject her to his BDSM wicked fantasies. First he flogs her with a whip, ripping tears from her eyes as she begs and screams for mercy. This only gets her a spanking, leaving the red marks of his hands on her ass cheeks. Suspended from the air with ropes, she has burning wax poured on her tits and nipples. Frollo is a sadistic fuck, using pliers and pincers to stimulate her pussy and clit! BY the end of the night, naked Esmeralda is broken down to his will!

Belle's kinky 3some with Cogsworth and Lumiere

Cogsworth and Lumiere have turned human, just so they can have a very kinky threesome cartoon orgy with beautiful Belle. She likes them so much more in this form, since she can take full advantage of their big, hard cocks, feeling how they fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time while Beast is away from the Castle! He better not come back and catch them in the middle of their orgy or there will be trouble!

Kim gets off watching Drakken dominate Ron! Part II.

Kim Possible porn comics. Kim Possible and Ron are fucking inside a small submarine while Drakken observes them! His cock is getting so hard watching the sexy couple fucking like that! Ron cums all over Kim and Drakken’s hidden camera, covering the lens with sticky cum! Drakken goes to take care of business personally, dressed up in kinky bondage gear! He wants Ron’s ass all to himself, but Kim is lurking in the shadows, ready to drop in on the bad guy! Naughty Kim leaves both of them alone in the tiny cell and watches Drakken give Ron a lesson in BDSM from Drakken’s comfy control room!

Pocahontas puts John Smith in bondage!

John Smith loves to tie Pocahontas up and humiliate her, but today it’s time to reverse roles! She’s drugged his wine, and when he wakes up, he is in bondage and at the mercy of her sexual deviations! Whipping his ass makes his cock very hard, his balls constricted by the tight ropes! Pocahontas sucks his cock and licks all his creamy cum, making him orgasm from all the humiliation!

Bloom Winx horny in bed

Bloom Winx is going to bed, but the girl would love to have a bit of fun before going to sleep. Watch this beautiful fairy take off her stunning garments piece by piece and get aroused by the touch of sexy silk slipping off from her terrific body. We can only wonder what she is thinking about spreading her luscious legs, she might be thinking about you!

Homer's religious advice

Homer is the source for all kinds of wisdom. This wisdom can even get a tad religious. Watch the guy as he spots an extra large cock on the body of Flanders, his friend and neighbor. The owner of the thing is blinded by abundant rules, but looks like Homer’s ideas influenced him finally. See the crazy action afterwards!

Meg and Hercules in hardcore fuck session!

Meg and Hercules make the hottest couple in Greek mythology, don’t you agree? He loves to sink his tongue into her wet pussy and place her in doggy style for a good fuck! Meg lets him fuck her in many different positions, opening her legs as wide as she can and feeling his herculean dick jackhammering her relentlessly like a true Greek God! When he finally cums, she makes sure she takes every single drop of his tasty jizz!

May Jane tingles Spiderman's balls! Part I.

Mary Jane is always getting into trouble! How can that be? Turns out she does it on purpose, knowing Spider Man will come to the rescue and she’ll get the chance to thank whim with a wild fucking session on a dirty alleyway or some rooftop! Spidey thinks this might get him to first base, but MJ is going for the home run, getting down on her knees so she can swallow his huge, hard cock! Spider-balls… tingling!

Jasmine's naughty haren sex orgy

Jasmine is such a naughty, dirty slut! As soon as Aladdin leaves the palace, she calls on her private guards and orders them to pleasure her in a hardcore sex orgy! They love ripping apart her clothes and making her suck their hard cocks as they take turns fucking her up the ass and pussy! Using her mouth, hands and pussy, Jasmine masterfully handles three cocks at the same time, proving that she is the naughtiest slut in Palace.

Kim Possible eaten and filled

Kim Possible is powerful, but even her will can’t resist the sight of a hot girl playing with her wet pussy. When she caught this hottie red-handed – and red-lipped, too – they wanted to keep it as their secret, and hell they had things to keep. Watch the two eat each other out like crazy with Kim ending up with her pulsing pussy eaten and her brown hole filled with a toy.

Jasmine plays with herself and her new toy

We were wondering what Jasmine’s last wish to the Genie was… a big dildo! Now the naughty Princess has a new sex toy to play with and masturbate when Aladdin is away fucking other girls! Look at how wet her pussy gets as she fucks herself with the toy and plays with her meaty tits!

Esmeralda masturbates to Hunchback's erotic stories

Naughty Esmeralda! She sneaked into Hunchback’s den while he is away and reads his diary. They are full of his sexual fantasies with her. He dreams of fucking her and stuffing her mouth with his huge cock. Esmeralda is so turned on by Hunchback’s erotic storytelling, her pussy gets very wet and she feels the need to pleasure herself, fingering her dripping snatch until she cums so hard, that Hunchback hears her! Now that he caught her with her hands down her cunt, maybe he can make some of those sexy stories cum true!

Ron bangs Kim Possible hardcore style!

Kim is insecure about her booty! Is it the right size and shape? She lets Ron have a look so he can give her his expert opinion. Ron’s huge boner is a sign that Kim’s ass passes the test, and she gives Ron a reward for his excellent opinion! Lucky Ron gets to bang Kim in every fuck hole and blow a huge load of cum all over her sexy face!