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Tarzan shows Jane his big banana

Jane is having a very wet dream about Tarzan while she rolls in bed, totally naked and covered in sweat. She wakes up to find him with his huge banana exposed and erect! This is a dream come true! She lets Tarzan fuck her from every single angle and position she can think of, cumming many times under the assault of his meaty cock!

Jane teaches Tarzan the art of oral pleasure!

Jane meant to take Tarzan on an educational day trip, but the temptation of his huge cock showing through his loin cloth was too much for her! Jane strokes and sucks his long shaft and hairy balls before getting naked and turning the day trip into a sex education class! Tarzan gets his dick sucked so good, he blows cum all over cute Jane’s face!

Jane has a threesome

Jane loves Tarzan’s cock; she could play with it all day long. But, truth be told, she also finds herself attracted to his Gorilla’s cock! It’s just so big and furry; she wonders how it feels inside her mouth! One day, while Tarzan fucks her, she begins to play with the ape’s cock! Tarzan gets turned on watching her put it in her mouth and suck it while he fucks her pussy! They end up having a nasty threesome with her! Whose cock do you think she likes the most? My bet’s on the ape’s dick!

Tarzan and Jane play in the jungle

This hot comic begins with Jane shaving her pussy while Tarzan is out swinging through the jungle. When he returns she’s clean and ready for his tongue to pleasure her. He gives her a few licks and then his cock needs to slide into that slick and sexy pussy. He fucks her deep and hard and she moans like a hot slut the entire time.

Tarzan fucks Jane

Tarzan’s cock is just dripping at the site of Jane’s boobs! She’s getting so aroused while he plays with them and sucks on her nipples! Whoa! Tarzan really knows how to lick some pussy! He totally split her legs open! He holds her by her legs while he bangs her pussy so deep! Jane is in heaven! She doesn’t even mind that all of Tarzan’s monkey buddies are watching her get fucked!

Tarzan and Jane make sweet love for your pleasure

Who knew that Jane was such a kinky slut? I guess when she hooked up with hot Tarzan it unlocked the inner cock lover inside her. Now she devours his dick at every opportunity, begging him to fuck mouth and pussy and spray his hot jungle semen all over her. Here they try a little bondage as he ties her hands with vines.

Jane in sweet lesbian action

Bathing naked by the waterfall makes Jane extremely hot and horny, lusting for the nubile body of her friend, they engage in a torrid act of uninhibited lesbian toon sex! The caress and lick each other’s erect nipples, while viciously fingering their pussies and clits! The roar of the raging waterfall isn’t enough to drown their lusty screams of desire!